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A Trusted Advisor Focused on the Financial Aspects of your Business

John Harmon CPA is a MetroWest CPA firm dedicated to helping businesses succeed financially through quality tax, accounting and business advisory services. Our firm strives to build long-term, client-focused relationships. We take the time to know and understand your business and individual financial needs so that we may deliver personalized service to help you achieve your goals. We:

  • Build value together - When we provide our services to your business, we make suggestions for possible service cost savings by streamlining your record keeping system and making it more effective.
  • Prepare you for the future - To build a secure future for you and your family, it is essential to develop a good business strategy that protects your hard-earned business, safeguards your assets, lowers your taxes and maximize the opportunity you have created.
  • Help you create your business the right way - When planning a new business opportunity, a few questions to your trusted certified public accountant (and attorney) can avoid cleanup work later and save you time and taxes. This includes choice of entity, software and ownership structure.
  • Adhere to our values - Effective certified public accountants know where their strengths are. Service firms, construction, retail and manufacturing are in our DNA. We also work closely with other trusted accounting and CPA firms in order to be able to refer services where your needs are better serviced. We will be very upfront if we are not a fit for your needs.
Certified Public Accountants, Marlborough, Southborough, MetroWest

Client Testimonials

Owner – Mid-Sized Transportation Company

John became more than my accountant in the past two years. I feel that he helped me navigate the challenging economic times by helping me analyze the facts and make better business decisions. He has streamlined my daily accounting tasks … Read more »

Mid-Sized Transportation Company

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Business Consulting

  • Business Formation and Entity Structure Strategies
  • Accounting Systems Consulting
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